Building a Culture of Service the Zappos Way with speaker Erica Javellana

By developing an organizational culture and committing to it, you can make a positive change within your credit union. Fanatically popular retailer has grown their business because of their unique culture and the service they provide. Listen as Zappos Insights’ Speaker of The House, Erica Javellana, shares the Zappos core values system, their approach to customer service and employee engagement, and how you can apply this Culture of Service within your credit union.

Key Takeaways:

● Gain insights on defining what your credit union’s culture is—and committing to it
● Learn how to incorporate your culture into your daily operations
● Discover how empowering employees increases member satisfaction
● Explore how to build even stronger connections with your members

About Erica Javellana:

Erica has been essential in helping to create an unconventional Human Resources team within Zappos. She focuses on employee engagement, commitment to culture, customer experiences and their importance in business today. When she’s not sharing the impact of company culture in the workplace, you can find her reading on her Kindle, yelling at the San Diego Chargers, or doing high intense cardio to compensate for her love of nachos and beer.