Ubertrends: Decoding the Future to Help You Foster Innovation with opening keynote speaker Michael Tchong

“The successful companies of tomorrow will address the changing business and consumer values of today.”

–Michael Tchong

To push the innovation envelope, you need better digital tools and simpler, easier-to-use member experiences. But where do you start? With powerful insights.

That’s just what you’ll receive from opening keynote Michael Tchong. He’ll take you on a remarkable roller-coaster ride through the “landscape of now” to discover how breakthrough brands, ideas and products leverage what Michael calls “Ubertrends” to create big successes.

Ubertrends are massive waves that cascade through society leaving many subtrends in their wake, and they provide telltale signs to help you decode the future. You’ll learn what the eight Ubertrend forces are, the subwaves they’re creating, and how to utilize the insights they provide so your credit union can proactively take advantage of the changing consumer and business landscape.

About Michael Tchong:

Michael is the founder of Ubercool Innovation, a management consultancy specializing in innovation solutions. During the dotcom boom he also founded ICONOCAST, a digital marketing media company, and three other startups. He has riveted audiences worldwide with inspirational insights into innovations, trends, social media and technology. Michael is the author of Social Engagement Marketing, an expert guide to the world of social media.