Maximize your workforce’s effectiveness by solving generational issues, with keynote speaker Jeff Havens

You’ve probably been told that four distinct generations operate side-by-side in today’s workplace. Then you were told how these four generations differ. But instead of receiving solutions for maximizing each generation’s output, the usual advice is “just deal with it, because they’re not going to change how they operate.”

Jeff Havens aims to change that. In his keynote speech Us vs Them, you’ll focus on why different generations act how they do, not the actions themselves. It’s an important distinction that will make implementing new solutions easier than you ever thought possible. In fact, he guarantees you’ll walk away ready to conquer any generational issue you’ll ever face.



  • Receive a simple framework for managing older, more experienced workers and their younger, less-experienced counterparts
  • Understand the key cultural, technological, and social changes that create a disconnect between team members from these two generations
  • Gain strategies you can use immediately to address and eliminate problems caused by generational disconnects
  • Inspire a healthier, more robust work ethic in your younger employees
  • Inspire a healthier, more robust attitude toward change in your older employees

It’s a new way to achieve better results with your strongest asset: your existing workforce.

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